Chris Royston, Executive Resourcing Manager, Nationwide

Service used

Transparent Search – shortlist


Nationwide needed to appoint a Head of Data Governance Digitisation, a strategic appointment within the CDO function that will be critical to the future of Nationwide’s data strategy and broader transformation goals. Vocative worked alongside Nationwide’s Executive Talent team to provide support in the data and insight space and were engaged to build a shortlist for this key appointment

The situation

Recruiting for a Head of Governance & Digitisation was a complex challenge. The role requires a combination of skills:  project & people management, running a function, delivering transformation, running digitization across data governance within a financial services environment and working with the regulator and the Bank of England. Above all the successful candidate would need to both understand and relish these complexities.

The approach

Working in partnership is always important and was key to the success of completing this search. Vocative was retained to map the market, identify ideal profiles that could be used to understand the exact role requirements and to consult with Nationwide to make sure that the offer was attractive in the current market.

Client comments

The uniqueness of this role meant that Nationwide’s in-house team lacked the network needed to find this candidate. I knew that we needed external expertise and Vocative are uniquely placed to deliver this.

The results

Vocative contacted around 200 potential candidates across the course of the campaign. We provided three “rangefinder” candidates who are really very different from one another, to provide a range of possible options and help shape Nationwide’s thinking and market understanding. This facilitated a meeting to refine the search. With weekly meetings and Vocative’s Transparent Search Portal, Nationwide could review progress whenever they wanted, and add information and suggestions if necessary. Vocative put together a long list and then worked with Nationwide to whittle that down into a shortlist of seven people.

Transparent Search gives a tailored and collaborative solution to the business question of testing the market for exceptional candidates equipped to embark on complex executive roles. If you are interested in speaking to Vocative about how Transparent Search can provide recruitment solutions in your business contact Justin here.

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