In a tight market, attracting the right candidates is as important as identifying them – how can you make sure you’ve got your offering right?

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Justin: There’s also a level of expertise as a recruiter has been doing it for years of saying to your customer, look, if you’re looking for something, you can’t find it, and you’re going to market and you’re getting nothing. There’s a problem with your offering. You know, because ultimately, there are always candidates, they might be passive, there might not be a huge pool of people who are just in the market and ready to take any job. But do you want the person that’s ready to take any job? What you need to think about is why did the people who could do this job not want to join? You know, there’s a level of consultancy and expertise that goes into thinking well, how you’re going to improve the offering, you’ve got to the market?

Alastair: Absolutely. And it’s worked. Social media is rife with it at the moment with regards to candidate expectations, what candidates are wanting, and in some cases demanding of their jobs, their careers, the engagement they have with the end customer, it’s even more so as they say candidate-driven market candidates are becoming pickier. So, clients really need to up their game.

Justin: And, obviously, you know, that puts pressure on salaries, but it’s not entirely a salary thing. I think there’s this is a moment in time, isn’t it? Where work from home policies and flexibility certainly comes into this discussion.  The great resignation? You know, I think a proportion of that is people having stagnated for 18 months under COVID, wanting something new and personally, I understand that completely. But I think it’s also where employers are trying to then work out what their new working policies are, almost inevitably whatever they land on to everyone. And people have the opportunity to go and find something else. You know, I don’t think it’s right or wrong to want to work from home or work in the office. But companies have got to now navigate a world where people have very strong views on that. And so some people won’t like your policy.

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