How do you complete your project when the market demands deep pockets? How do you secure the best talent when salaries are stratospheric?

The reality of hiring is that companies are looking to solve problems. They have projects to deliver; customers to please, competitors to outdo.  But finding the right talent is difficult; particularly at the moment. Salaries in the technology world are climbing and candidate availability has slumped. So, when we work with our customers to find people for their business, we’re not looking just to fill gaps in an org chart. We’re helping them find the people who address their business challenges. And different challenges need different solutions.

Every organisation needs a strong core of permanent staff who are responsible for the development and growth of the organisation’s cultural identity. But, most (enlightened!) business leaders looking to transform their customer journey acknowledge the need to engage with contractors. This allows them to add capacity and skills to their permanent teams.

Contractors provide subject matter expertise and agility.  When combined with the established permanent teams do exactly what they are brought in to do. They deliver specific short-term project needs, or fulfil a temporary skills shortage during a period of change. Contractors can be seen as an expensive solution. But the reality – of short term, time limited payments with no associated job security, pension or benefits – means that the flexibility outweighs the seemingly higher cost base.

Contractor expertise adds real value to the business. It accelerates delivery, but it also allows the company to buy in expertise at the right time, and cross skill the permanent team. 

At Vocative, we help our customers hire both permanent staff and expert contractors. Because contract vs perm isn’t a cost conversation. It’s finding the right tool for the job. It’s about finding the people with the technical skills to address the business’s challenges. Our customer’s needs are many and varied, and so we offer them the varied options they need to compete in a busy market. 

It’s a hybrid solution for a hybrid world. 

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