In a world in a state of constant disruption, maintaining a “business as usual” could be a recruitment death sentence. The constant cycle of new technologies and insurgent competitors (the likes of Amazon and Zoom have reshaped society as we know it). This means that companies have a continual need to reassess and reshape. 

Continual change is a fact of life in business recruitment

As they review their systems, teams, and product offerings, companies often find themselves in one of two cycles. Either a disruptive, “egg-breaking” cycle, a period of short and intense transformation. Or a longer-term “omelette making” cycle of (re)building teams and bedding in solutions. And those phases will require different types of leadership capability.

However, this isn’t a question of style – egg-breakers can’t be bullies – but of function. The leader who can deliver an intense burst of change may not be the person to build a long-term team.

Vocative’s Managing Partner, Alastair Hacking, puts it this way “In our experience, disruptors are brought in for specific IT projects, or when businesses need to take a new direction. They are generally there to make tough decisions. It could be restructuring a department or taking the business focus in a new direction”.

The impact the right hire has on an organisation is well documented

Psychologist and best-selling author Daniel Goleman PhD has argued that leadership style has a 70% impact on business performance. This is unsurprising when one considers that leaders have a direct impact on organisational outcomes. This can include turnover, customer satisfaction, sales, revenue, and productivity to name a few.

At Vocative, we help our customers address their recruitment challenges by bringing in those key people. And the conversation often starts by helping them to address these big questions;

  • What phase are you in – Egg breaking or omelette making?
  • Are your goals established?
  • What resources do you have?
  • Do you have any blockers?
  • How can these needs be met?

Therefore, when the need is clear the route to hiring is made simpler.

So what conversation do you want to be having with your recruiter? Do you want to hear about their problems finding candidates? Or would you rather talk to an expert about how they can help you address your business challenges and introduce the specialist you need?

If it’s the latter, then talk to us today.

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