As you can see if you’re reading this, we’ve relaunched our website.

Why have we done that? Well partly for the same reason people refit their kitchens – the old one was getting a bit tired. But also because we’ve been thinking about how the site showcases what we do.

Recruitment is a funny game. It’s one huge umbrella term for a million different services and niches – some vast organisations providing high speed, high volume, some technology companies automating and streamlining processes, some smaller, niche players. We all do different things, but we’re all under that one category – “recruitment company”. And if you look from website to website, I’d say as an industry we’re terrible at differentiating ourselves. All the sites are the same!

And let’s be frank, it’s hard to break out of that. And I don’t imagine we’ve fixed it here. But we do have a clear set of principles, and we hope they’re reflected here. We are:

Relationship Driven

So we’re interested in the people side of recruiting. Skills are vital but only one small factor – we work with companies where the right person in the right place at the right time is crucial. So whether or not you think we can understand what you need and find the right person will depend on whether you trust us. It’s a relationship! It’s why we deliberately stay small and niche (you can’t scale it), and it’s why this website has videos – if you want to know what I think about recruiting, you can listen to me talk about it. See what you think…


We are excellent at what we do so we’re the right company for you – assuming that that’s what you need. If your recruiting needs a totally different solution, we’ll tell you so – we don’t pretend to be all things to all people. That’s why we’ve got case studies and recommendations on the site – to help you get a feel for how we work and what we can do for you. Feel free to call and discuss – we’ll gladly get you talking to some of our other customers as references if that helps you decide.

Here for the long-term

So you’ll see that a lot of our customers talk about having worked with us a number of times; as do some of our candidates. That doesn’t mean we’re involved in every hire – but they keep coming back when they need help with something and know we can make the difference.

Recruitment isn’t a product and it isn’t one size fits all. That’s why you’ll see all over the site that we think it’s an art, not a science. This is an opportunity for us to show you a bit about who we are – so rather than make you read screeds of boilerplate information we’ve put videos up so you can hear how we talk about what we do. Ultimately we know our customers and candidates well, and 25 years in the market makes us good at putting the pieces together. Give us a call – we’d love to get to know you too.

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