Smart people hire smart people for smart jobs. Hiring is a human process.

At its heart, it’s a group of people looking for someone to join them in their mission. And that’s great. It’s exciting, it’s positive and it’s relational.

It’s also hard to quantify, difficult to articulate and different every time.

Which is why engaging a recruiter isn’t about how big their database is – it’s about how well they understand your team and how they communicate.

In many ways it’s the ultimate soft skills business.

When we talk to anyone, candidate or customer, we’re looking to understand their challenges. Understand their aims. And not just understand them but quickly get to the point where we can articulate them clearly and make meaningful introductions.

There’s a view that recruitment is about skills matching. And for sure, there’s an extent to which in technical recruitment having the right skills is essential. If you’re going to be an Azure SRE (for example), you’ll need a lot of non-negotiable technical capability.

But why are they hiring? What will be the scope of your role? What are your ambitions? What are theirs? Why would you thrive? What might be the challenges? What can you add? How can they help you achieve your goals?

These aren’t black and white issues. They can’t be stored in a field and matched off.

Recruitment is gloriously, messily, absolutely subjective. It’s human. It’s an art, not a science.

If you’re trying to find a recruiter to work with, whether you’re hiring or looking for a job, find one you trust. Find one who gets you.

It might be us. If you want to find out, give us a call. Mike Walton did and you can see what he had to say about it here.

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