Finding and hiring the right candidate isn’t a linear process.

It’s not hard to find someone who can send you CVs. But that just leaves you with another job.

We’ve found our customers need a genuine partner who can help them address the market and make the right hire. 

Because there are multiple factors. Role definition, the potential candidate pool, employer brand, the opportunity, process: it’s complex, time consuming and often ambiguous.

So in an ideal world, you’d have a partner who allowed you to be involved at every stage without eating into the time you need to focus on your business.

That’s why we’ve introduced Transparent Search – welcome to the ideal world. 

With Transparent Search, you’ll have full visibility of the search as it progresses, using our Role Portal. All the documentation and candidates under consideration are in one place for you to review, giving you confidence and insight into the progress we’re making.

Additionally our regular review meetings will allow the process of refining the role and engaging the candidate list to happen in real time, meaning time and expense are saved as blind alleys are avoided.

Transparent Search has been specifically designed to give our customers full control over the process, with maximum transparency and regular information flow so you get not just our expertise in finding and engaging the high impact, high complexity candidates you need, but a genuine partner on your side in the war for talent.

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