Recruiting – do you need a person or a process?

“Recruitment” is a ridiculously broad term.

It covers high street recruiting, specialist recruiters, executive search, graduate schemes, shift planning, RPO – and that’s not even a comprehensive list.

In fact I’d go as far as to say that if all you know about someone is that they’re in “recruitment”, you know nothing about what they do.

And by the way – all those disciplines are important. It’s not a sliding scale. They offer different things to different parts of the market at different times.

One way to divide the market is Process vs Person.

That is to say, think about the problem you need solving – do you need a process, or do you need a particular individual? To put it another way, is the issue you’re facing that bringing people into your business is time consuming because of the volume – you need systems and solutions – or because it’s very difficult to find the right skills?

Because they’re two¬†very different problems.

And we solve the latter one. In a very particular niche.

So if you need a new platform, or a system, or help with volume hiring, or onboarding and training grads – there are lots of great companies out there who can help you, and Vocative isn’t one of them. It’s just not what we do.

But if you need someone who understands your market sector and who has a track record of creating and implementing technical solutions within it – we absolutely are.

Knowing where we can and can’t help is a vital part of what we do. Because by being clear on that, and sticking to it, we’re demonstrating that we understand need and capability.

And that’s the same skill we bring to finding the right person for your business.

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