JD – Cloud Infrastructure Director

Here you’ll find the job description: you’ll have access to timeframe documents, agreed specifications, interview criteria and any other documentation you might need.

You’ll be able to see below the candidates we have in process; where we have permission to share CVs you’ll be able to access them directly from the portal.

And of course we’ll have weekly update meetings to ensure you are engaged in the process and that the long and short lists develop in the right direction first time, every time.

  • Contacted (1)
    Yvonne Test

    Senior Tech Specialist , Barclays

    You can get a quick summary here.

  • Longlist (2)
    Dave Sample

    Senior Technology Specialist , HSBC

    You can get a quick summary here.

    Jim Uninterested

    Team Manager, RBS

    This guy alas isn’t right.

  • Shortlist (1)
    Sue Example

    Technical Specialist , Metro

    You can get a quick summary here.

    Because we’re sending Sue, her CV will be directly accessible here.