Most companies will hire in 2021, whatever happens.

There will be turnover, there will be unexpected challenges, there will be opportunities. New people will need to be hired.

A lot of that hiring will be to maintain the status quo, and that’s important of course.

But 2021 is going to be a make or break year. Wrong moves could lead to disaster. Successful plans could reap huge rewards.

There’s going to be a focus on constantly improving process, driving innovation, delighting customers, digital transformation.

The people who can deliver those kinds of outcomes are few and far between. They’re mostly working, and they’re in high demand.

So identifying, attracting, and securing the right person to bring the technical solution to your business challenge is one of the most crucial activities most companies will carry out in 2021.

And doing all of that is a skill in itself – one that we at Vocative have spent almost half a century honing.

To catch your expert, you’ll need an expert.

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