Transparent Search

“Probably the most valuable part of the process was the initial meeting in which we talked through and scoped the gap, and really got under the skin of the business challenges and strategy at Opsview. That helped shape the role and also brief and identify candidates.”

Mike Walton – CEO, Opsview

Scope the gap

Understanding the gap in your business is key to scoping the role and securing the candidate who can answer the question.

Scope the role

At the vacancy consultation phase, we focus on three key elements:

  • What experience is required to address the gap in your business?
  • How can you attract and engage the right candidate?
  • Is there a big enough candidate pool for you to hire that person?

Scope the search

Once the candidate profile is determined we will agree to a go-to-market strategy for the search:

  • What is the “pitch” that will attract the right candidate? How can we best position your employer brand?
  • Again we review the candidate pool – is it sufficiently large to provide a range of candidates? Or is it too large? Do the requirements need further consideration?
  • We agree and document the process for engaging and interviewing candidates


As we begin to longlist, transparency is all.

Through a dynamic and shared working list, you can see who we are targeting and what progress is being made.

You can suggest companies, or specific candidates to target; and feedback in instant.

Additionally we recommend weekly catch ups to formally review progress, candidates and market intelligence and ensure the campaign remains on track.


Throughout the candidate attraction phase, we seek to engage and nurture candidates.

At shortlist this becomes the key focus.

Once candidates are included on the shortlist we focus on ensuring that their questions are answered, their appetites are whetted and the timing is right: in short, you meet with a shortlist of candidates who are all keen and able to join your business.


Vocative support the interview process by working closely to help you determine:

  • Process
  • Decision making criteria
  • Competencies
  • Timeframes

And communicating these to candidates, interviewers and internal stakeholders alike.


Once the hire is made and the candidate has joined, our job isn’t done.

We’ll seek their feedback on process, onboarding and role to help improve the process for next time.

And we’ll seek your feedback on Vocative and Transparent Search; we are committed to continuous improvement and your experience and insight are invaluable.

What our Clients & Candidates Say

  • Interim CTO

    Alastair has been easy to work with, professional in what he does and very much on the ball when it comes to placements. I would recommend working with Alastair and look forward to doing so again myself in the not to distant future.

    - Interim CTO

  • Client (Head of IT)

    I can't say that I enjoy dealing with Recruiters but Justin changed my opinion - honest, follows the client's lead, does the hard work and not a pressure merchant. Will use him again when I need to recruit.

    - Client (Head of IT)

  • Candidate – placed as Senior Project Manager

    Justin is easy to work with with good communication skills. He followed up on interviews and was a good source of advice. I would use him again & recommend him to others.

    - Candidate – placed as Senior Project Manager

  • Programme Manager, Client and Contractor

    I have worked with Alastair as both a client and a customer. As a client the service he provided was A1, he listened to my requirements and carefully vetted candidates to ensure they met my needs. He provided great information regarding candidate types and salaries and helped address any concerns I had about individual interviewees. As a customer, he gave me relevant information about the role and ensured I was briefed sufficiently to interview effectively. He sorted contract issues and gave me honest and sage advice. I whole heartedly recommend Alastair and will definitely be using his services again.

    - Programme Manager, Client and Contractor

  • Recruitment Director

    Alastair is extremely client focused and always looking for the win-win in every situation. He has considerable experience delivering complex Exec Search, MSP and recruitment campaigns in both the private and public sector. He has exceptional stakeholder management skills, and is an all-round good bloke!

    - Recruitment Director

  • Client (CIO)

    Having worked with Justin on a number of assignments both at my current organisation and a number of those that I have worked at over the past few years I am please to recommend him and his organisation as an excellent provider of quality candidates to fulfil your entire IT sourcing needs. Justin becomes an extension to your organisation when seeking new talent on both a contract and permanent basis as takes the time to understand your organisations workings before searching for and matching the skills you need. Justin balances the technical, cultural and interpersonal skills of each candidates so the fit your requirements very closely and prepares each candidate before they even walk through your door so they have the best possible chance when faced with attending an interview. Justin fast tracks the process of hiring new staff by only putting forward the right sort of candidates first time so you don’t need to go through hundreds of interviews before finding a shortlist of possible candidates that fit.

    - Client (CIO)

  • Candidate – Placed as IT Manager

    Justin is an extremely enthusiastic and dedicated professional. He has a unique knowledge and in-depth experience of the IT sector and candidate market. He provides a credible and commercial resourcing service to the business. Rather than throwing CV’s my way he absolutely gets our vision. Justin has a real knack for understanding the needs of the business and sourcing quality candidates to match those needs. His approach is refreshing and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    - Candidate – Placed as IT Manager

  • IT Director

    I've worked with Justin off and on for 7-8 years and in recent times he has become my "go to" recruiter, having placed 20+ staff, with the businesses I've lead . Finding a recruiter that values the strategic relationship, satisfaction and well-being of his client, over the commission of making a placement, is a rare thing. Combined with Justin's adaptability to the needs of those he is working with, his flexible approach and candidate quality - you have a winner. Justin takes the time to understand the dynamics and personalities within the businesses he is recruiting for and finds candidates that fit the qualifications needs and culture of your business. I'd recommend Justin and Vocative to any technology company looking to find great talent and work with a likeable, professional and effective recruiter

    - IT Director

  • Client (Head of Recruitment)

    I first engaged Justin when I was recruiting manager for Microsoft Australia. Because of the quality of his work, he became a preferred vendor and we used him repeatedly to source technical people for product support, technical evangelism and consulting. Justin is a straight shooter, builds and effectively leverages an impressive network and operates with integrity. I would have liked to have hired him to be an employee but he prefers to be an independent agent. I would work with Justin any time, either as a client or as a candidate.

    - Client (Head of Recruitment)

  • Candidate – Placed as Senior Java Developer – Investment Banking, Zurich

    Justin was far more professional than any other headhunter I've worked with.

    - Candidate – Placed as Senior Java Developer – Investment Banking, Zurich