Flexible working and successful hiring go hand in hand. Here’s why.

Right at the moment, pretty much every technology team is working fully remotely.

That’s because they have to.

Once they can call them all back to the office, lots of companies will. Some won’t. Some will flex a bit. Some a lot.

Equally, some candidates will be resistant to ever coming back in. Some will be back like a shot.

What you do, and how you hire, amidst this fast changing situation, will have an enormous impact on how well you can secure and retain the team you want.

Because it’s not so much about what you do as why you do it. Real flexibility comes when companies:

  • Focus on outcomes and not clockwatching. If a team, or a person, is doing excellent work, it will be clear in the end product. Does it matter to you whether that was done at 11am or 11pm? Does it matter where someone was when they did it? It doesn’t. So if the results are coming, let them be responsible for how it’s done
  • Trust their people. Treating people like schoolchildren just demonstrates that you don’t trust them. And if you don’t trust them, why did you hire them? The whole concept of hiring people you think you have to micromanage and then staying right on top of their entire day is toxic. Hiring mature individuals and letting them do what they do is the opposite of that.
  • Share goals. Your team will deliver what you want if they’re on board and also want it. That isn’t going to change whether they’re in the office or not. It’s about the way you hire and the way you engage them in the mission
  • Prioritise productivity. Let’s face it. Relentlessly checking KPIs and attendance is a waste of your time, and theirs. Compliance won’t make them good at anything but complying. So let them be productive and use the time you’re saving to increase your productivity too.

Companies with highly motivated, skilled and flexibly managed teams perform at a high level. And guess what? They’re hugely attractive – so you’ll be better able to find and engage new people for your team when you need them.

I work with all kinds of companies to help them build their technical teams, and I have an excellent network of candidates who add value way beyond their technical skills. Making the right introduction isn’t just a skills matching exercise – it’s about people. That’s why I talk about the Art of Recruitment.

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What our Clients & Candidates Say

  • Recruitment Director

    Alastair is extremely client focused and always looking for the win-win in every situation. He has considerable experience delivering complex Exec Search, MSP and recruitment campaigns in both the private and public sector. He has exceptional stakeholder management skills, and is an all-round good bloke!

    - Recruitment Director


    Alastair has successfully supported a number of opportunities that I have had, orchestrating his teams and aligning them to the needs of his client. This is born from his customer focus and desire to fully understand the environment, culture and team dynamic, all essential requirements needed to ensure that the short lists presented not only match the skills and experience required, but also the organisational fit. His proactive, professional and diligent approach has eased what can be a time consuming and difficult process when building high performing teams.

    - CIO/CTO

  • Client (CIO)

    Having worked with Justin on a number of assignments both at my current organisation and a number of those that I have worked at over the past few years I am please to recommend him and his organisation as an excellent provider of quality candidates to fulfil your entire IT sourcing needs. Justin becomes an extension to your organisation when seeking new talent on both a contract and permanent basis as takes the time to understand your organisations workings before searching for and matching the skills you need. Justin balances the technical, cultural and interpersonal skills of each candidates so the fit your requirements very closely and prepares each candidate before they even walk through your door so they have the best possible chance when faced with attending an interview. Justin fast tracks the process of hiring new staff by only putting forward the right sort of candidates first time so you don’t need to go through hundreds of interviews before finding a shortlist of possible candidates that fit.

    - Client (CIO)

  • Client (Head of IT)

    I can't say that I enjoy dealing with Recruiters but Justin changed my opinion - honest, follows the client's lead, does the hard work and not a pressure merchant. Will use him again when I need to recruit.

    - Client (Head of IT)

  • Candidate – placed as Senior Project Manager

    Justin is easy to work with with good communication skills. He followed up on interviews and was a good source of advice. I would use him again & recommend him to others.

    - Candidate – placed as Senior Project Manager

  • IT Director

    I've worked with Justin off and on for 7-8 years and in recent times he has become my "go to" recruiter, having placed 20+ staff, with the businesses I've lead . Finding a recruiter that values the strategic relationship, satisfaction and well-being of his client, over the commission of making a placement, is a rare thing. Combined with Justin's adaptability to the needs of those he is working with, his flexible approach and candidate quality - you have a winner. Justin takes the time to understand the dynamics and personalities within the businesses he is recruiting for and finds candidates that fit the qualifications needs and culture of your business. I'd recommend Justin and Vocative to any technology company looking to find great talent and work with a likeable, professional and effective recruiter

    - IT Director

  • Candidate – placed as Project Manager

    Justin contacted me with reference to a vacancy at Atkins.He guided me through the process with excellent results. I can not thank Justin enough for his support, integrity and super service.during this time. Thanks again.

    - Candidate – placed as Project Manager

  • Candidate – Placed as IT Manager

    Justin is an extremely enthusiastic and dedicated professional. He has a unique knowledge and in-depth experience of the IT sector and candidate market. He provides a credible and commercial resourcing service to the business. Rather than throwing CV’s my way he absolutely gets our vision. Justin has a real knack for understanding the needs of the business and sourcing quality candidates to match those needs. His approach is refreshing and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    - Candidate – Placed as IT Manager

  • Interim CTO

    Alastair has been easy to work with, professional in what he does and very much on the ball when it comes to placements. I would recommend working with Alastair and look forward to doing so again myself in the not to distant future.

    - Interim CTO

  • CTO candidate

    Alastair demonstrates the perfect mix of a professional and personable approach to drive successful outcomes for both clients and applicants. He spends quality time in understanding the challenge and provides excellent support with a real attention to detail. As a result is he perfectly suited to help navigate complex recruitment scenarios whilst building trusted and long term relationships. An absolute pleasure to deal with!

    - CTO candidate