If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that change is coming

All companies will need to change.


There’s not a company in the country – probably in the world – which hasn’t felt the impact of Covid-19 in some way or another.


Most have suffered. It’s not been a good time to be in retail or travel.


But many have prospered: technology companies specialising in networking and remote communication have thrived.


The one thing that unites them all is that they will need to change.


Some will expand and some will change tack altogether; even companies who want to stay as close as possible to their previous existence will need to think about remote and flexible working, social distancing, new customer behaviour patterns and a downturn in the market.


So change is as inevitable at this point as death and taxes.


Different companies have different experiences


I work with companies ranging from small SMEs to vast global enterprises. In one way or another probably two thirds of the work I do with all of them focusses on how they can drive transformation through technology.


And it’s interesting to see how they differ. SMEs are generally speaking, quite nimble. It’s often not hard for them to make decisions, and they tend to get going quickly.


But their teams generally feel a very strong sense of ownership. Change resistance can be surprisingly embedded in companies where people feel personally invested in how it used to be. So my experience of working with SMEs is that they need to focus less on process and more on engagement. If they get everyone on board, they can go quickly. If they don’t, they can go as quickly as they like but they’ll get stuck.


For enterprise it’s different. Of course engagement is important but it’s different. What the people who drive change at that sort of scale tend to prioritise is process and communication. Of course this is a spectrum not a binary situation. You need good process in an SME and good people engagement in an enterprise. But there are distinct differences in approach and focus depending on the scale.


You can see those differences in timelines and in other ways as well. SMEs will generally have much shorter horizons for change to be delivered and for the impact to be felt in the business. Sheer logistics means things take longer within an enterprise.


But interestingly experienced transformation and change people work across both SME and enterprise, and often move from one to the next quite regularly.


Willingness to change and drive change is the key


And I think that’s because the defining characteristic of change specialists is adaptability. Every situation is different. And of course, by default, they leave every company and role with it looking vastly different to the way it did when they arrived – that’s their job!


So as the world continues to respond and change to the pandemic, there will be high demand for skilled change people. That ability to clarify need, understand environment and drive transformation is going to be absolutely crucial in the coming months and years.

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    I can't say that I enjoy dealing with Recruiters but Justin changed my opinion - honest, follows the client's lead, does the hard work and not a pressure merchant. Will use him again when I need to recruit.

    - Client (Head of IT)

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    Justin and I have worked very closely on a number of particularly challenging and complex campaigns. As a business woman I appreciate the work he puts into the twin perils of senior level recruitment - 1. sourcing quality candidates and 2. ensuring he keeps them interested in our opportunity through what is nearly always a 'long and winding road'! As a person I appreciate Justin's candour, sharp observations and his sense of humour. Through what are often fairly knotty propositions, we have fun and get the job done.

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    I've worked with Justin off and on for 7-8 years and in recent times he has become my "go to" recruiter, having placed 20+ staff, with the businesses I've lead . Finding a recruiter that values the strategic relationship, satisfaction and well-being of his client, over the commission of making a placement, is a rare thing. Combined with Justin's adaptability to the needs of those he is working with, his flexible approach and candidate quality - you have a winner. Justin takes the time to understand the dynamics and personalities within the businesses he is recruiting for and finds candidates that fit the qualifications needs and culture of your business. I'd recommend Justin and Vocative to any technology company looking to find great talent and work with a likeable, professional and effective recruiter

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    Justin is an extremely enthusiastic and dedicated professional. He has a unique knowledge and in-depth experience of the IT sector and candidate market. He provides a credible and commercial resourcing service to the business. Rather than throwing CV’s my way he absolutely gets our vision. Justin has a real knack for understanding the needs of the business and sourcing quality candidates to match those needs. His approach is refreshing and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

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    Justin contacted me with reference to a vacancy at Atkins.He guided me through the process with excellent results. I can not thank Justin enough for his support, integrity and super service.during this time. Thanks again.

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    I first engaged Justin when I was recruiting manager for Microsoft Australia. Because of the quality of his work, he became a preferred vendor and we used him repeatedly to source technical people for product support, technical evangelism and consulting. Justin is a straight shooter, builds and effectively leverages an impressive network and operates with integrity. I would have liked to have hired him to be an employee but he prefers to be an independent agent. I would work with Justin any time, either as a client or as a candidate.

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    Alastair was introduced to us as we had a senior recruitment need. I was really impressed with the time Alastair spent getting to know our business and our culture so that he understood the uniqueness of what we do. This was a new role to us and it was important to get it right. Alastair was able to balance ours and the candidates needs and worked with us not for us which is where other recruiters, I think, go wrong. I felt in control of the process from beginning to end and nothing was too much trouble. I would recommend without hesitation.

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    The terms under which Justin worked very hard to ensure that my weekly timesheets were processed so quickly, far surpasses all of the other agencies that I have worked for in the last 25years – top marks!

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    Alastair is extremely client focused and always looking for the win-win in every situation. He has considerable experience delivering complex Exec Search, MSP and recruitment campaigns in both the private and public sector. He has exceptional stakeholder management skills, and is an all-round good bloke!

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    I have worked with Alastair as both a client and a customer. As a client the service he provided was A1, he listened to my requirements and carefully vetted candidates to ensure they met my needs. He provided great information regarding candidate types and salaries and helped address any concerns I had about individual interviewees. As a customer, he gave me relevant information about the role and ensured I was briefed sufficiently to interview effectively. He sorted contract issues and gave me honest and sage advice. I whole heartedly recommend Alastair and will definitely be using his services again.

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